API Documentation

Access EcoEmails via API and integrate it into your tools directly

Our API is still growing and it currently only supports very basic interactions. As we learn more about our customer needs we will extend the API and add more features. In fact, if you are missing anything that you need right now to make your project work on top of our API then please get in touch with us.


Authentication is standard bearer token in authentication header. Most libraries should work but in case you want to roll your own there is a ton of good documentation out there.
The token generation pages are currently only accessible to customers enrolled in the beta program. Please get in touch if you want to become part of our beta program and we will enroll you and give you access to the token handling pages.

Email validation

Email validation has currently the high level classifier exposed. With this call you can get labels like clean or undeliverable back that help you get instant feedback on the quality of the address. Use this endpoint when you need to make a clear decision in real-time around acceptance of an address.

The post request takes a JSON structure that must contain an email key and can contain other custom fields that will be returned in the response. This way internal identifier can be round-tripped through our API so that composability is easier for chaining APIs together.


            POST /api/email



              "emails_eco": {
                "email": "email@example.com",
                "result": "clean"

Possible responses:

  • clean: this address is clean to use
  • burner: we think it is a single use address
  • spam: we think it is spam
  • undeliverable: we think that this address will not reach a mailbox
  • timeout: the check on our end took too long, we had to bail out

try it out:

        curl --request POST --data '{"email":"email@example.com"}' \\
             --url https://emails.eco/api/email \\
             -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \\
             -H 'Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}'