Email Verification Tool

you can count on.

EcoEmails is an integrated, enterprise-grade email validation service you can count on. With over 35 integrations and an API, simply set up email verifications and let us do the rest!

Clear out spam

and unwanted emails.

EcoEmails email verification service allows you to quickly clean your marketing databases, or set & forget with our API.


Catch-All Domain Checker

Our EcoEmails email verifier can identify catch-all domains, which frequently go undetected in most email sends.


Email Bounce Detection

Did you know up to 25% of emails aren't deliverable? Remove invalid and hard bounce email addresses from your database using an SMTP check.


Email Verification API

Seamlessly set up real-time email verification right where you work with our API.


Spam-trap removal

We identify and remove malicious or fake spam email addresses from your databases.


Bulk CSV upload & download

Upload and download CSVs in bulk from our user-friendly dashboard.


Intuitive Dashboard

Upload, download, review status of syncs & integrations, and upgrade your plan all from the EcoEmails dashboard.

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