At EcoEmails, we believe that it is our collective responsibility to help combat the effects of climate change. That's why we have made it our mission to not only reduce our own carbon footprint, but to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere.

We know carbon sucks.

We’re proud to have 100% renewable energy servers, run off Portuguese solar power, and use EVs to get around. What we can’t reduce, we remove double in the form of biochar & sequestration. As we grow, we will continue to dedicate 10% profits to verified carbon removal projects.

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Lenz Gschwendtner Co-Founder

Ex-iwantmyname, MakeMy.Sale and united-domains AG. I have been building fast-growing startups for most of my adult life. I love mentoring entrepreneurs and love helping people to find the confidence to try something new or way outside their comfort zone. I love the buzz when those things take off and to see how people thrive in their new roles.

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Emily Mabin Sutton Co-Founder

Ex-Hopin, Unbabel, Pushpay. I have worked as a product manager across many early-stage startups which grew rapidly in the B2B SaaS area. In my free time, I spend time researching degrowth & climate mitigation, volunteering for 350 Aotearoa, and writing for Climate Club NZ.

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Levin Gschwendtner Full-Stack Engineer

I'm studying engineering in Germany and love for-impact projects. Currently honing my full-stack skills.

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Justine Thomas Marketing

Proven Business & Marketing Professional with experience working in one of France's largest Corporate Marketing & Communication Agencies. I excel in GTM and launch strategy for new products and projects. With a love of nature, I enjoy helping companies to create a positive impact.

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Sam Aitken Sales & Partnerships

Sustainability champion with a particular interest in energy efficiency and carbon emissions. I have a degree in Energy Management and experience working in the manufacturing industry. Here to support businesses reduce their carbon footprint while improving their email deliverability!

Removing carbon from the start, we're part of the green web movement

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We're working to build a more collaborative future by forming a Steward-Owned SaaS collective. All team members are decision makers and share in the profits from the ventures. All ventures are designed with planet, people and profit in mind from the start.

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