Three Reasons You Should Use an Email Verification System

Reason One: Save money on email campaigns and database storage

Over time it's very easy to accumulate email addresses in your database which add to the number but not the conversion rates of your business. Instead of paying for a higher tier, consider turning on real-time syncs to automatically clean your databases for you. This way you can rest assured your databases are clean without spending excess money on storage and campaign sends.

Reason Two: Build your domain reputation

Does your company have multiple different customer signup points, contact forms, and mailing lists? Over time it's very easy to accumulate email addresses over time. What some people don't know is that it up to 25% of your email addresses can be invalid, especially if the databases have been around a while. Slowly, as well as limiting your open rates, this can also build up your risk of going into spam folders or having a worse domain reputation.

Reason Three: Reduce your carbon footprint by decreasing your storage and sending requirements

Did you know every email we send has a carbon footprint? While digital communications are a low-carbon option, all our online activities do have an associated carbon cost.

Emily Mabin Sutton

Emily Mabin Sutton